Two base jumpers scared the crap out of some Nashville partiers on New Year's Day and it reminded me of something I did once.

Adrenaline junkies known as "base" jumpers, B.A.S.E. stands for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth, by the way, get their parachuting kicks by avoiding planes and jumping off of things like skyscrapers, super high bridges, cliffs, etc instead.

A couple of such jumpers decided to hop over the edge of a hotel in Nashville on New Year's Day and (allegedly) scared the hell out of peeps at the hotels' rooftop bar.

Police said this act caused "mass panic."

Based, no pun intended, on the video below, I don't hear "mass panic." I hear one ... girl saying OMG over and over and, to be honest, I think she knew what was coming.

She just seems a little too ready with the camera and commentary, 'ya know? Plus, the bar seems almost deserted.

As cool as I think this was, the Nashville PD and the Grand Hyatt hotel didn't see it that way and the jumpers have been banned from the hotel.

I had my own moment of going "over the edge" several years ago here in El Paso. It wasn't on New Years Day and it didn't freak out hordes of people.

If anything, most were encouraging me to jump until they realized I had a safety line attached but it was a blast and the money raised went to the El Paso Zoo. Check out the pics below.

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