Ok, they're not all so new. They're funny though; and every one of them a true tax law in the state named!!  And you thought El Paso had some stupid tax laws.  (hello $78 to fix a plumbing leak tax...)  Check these out!

Arkansas: Body Piercing Tax

The state spells out which services are subject to the 6% state sales tax. Among them: body piercing, gutter cleaning and pet grooming.

California: Deals For Ottoman Empire Victims

If you were persecuted between 1915 and 1923, you get a tax exemption. If your troubles came in 1924 or later, however, there's no break.

Hawaii: Deductions Grow on Trees

Grab a $3,000 deduction if your tree was approved by an arborist advisory committee and you get the right notarial stamp.

Maryland: Oyster Break

Maybe the clam and mussel people didn't make sufficient campaign donations? The aquaculture float credit is available for people harvesting oysters, but not other shellfish.

New Jersey: Helping Families

You get a break if you spend more than $35.64 on family leave insurance. A $37 outlay on this worthy cause, for example, would land you $1.36.

New York: Haunted House Tax

Musical comedies, operas and chamber music are exempt from the sales tax. But not a Halloween show with music, if the admission charge exceeds 10 cents.

South Carolina: Aid For Deceased Deer

You get $50 off your taxes if your deer carcass helps the needy.

I'm sure there are more; after all the US tax code is about 3 gazillion pages long!!  (If you're one of the Ottoman Empire Victims from 1924, I'll chip in a couple of dollars for you. It sucks that you guys just barely missed out.)

If you know of any others, send them to ggarza@klaq.com.  I'll put 'em all together in another blog somewhere on down the line!!