A new study from Australia shows that people who attend concerts on a regular basis reported having a higher level of happiness and well-being.

A new study done by the School of Psychology at Deakin University in Australia shows something concert lovers have known for years: concerts are one of the best mood boosters ever. Researchers found that concertgoers, especially those who regularly went to shows, lead happier lives then those who don't go to concerts.

The study, "If you're happy and you know it: Music engagement and subjective wellbeing," showed that people who attended concerts regularly stated a higher level of well-being. The study looked at 1,000 participants through a phone interview. Researchers asked participants to answer questions gauging their overall satisfaction with health, achievements in life, happiness and relationships among others. They were asked to answer numerically 1-10 or yes and no responses.

The research didn't look at specific genres of music or style of concert but any event that focused around music. People who attended such events reported to researchers a greater level of satisfaction with life overall.

Other research in the study showed that people who danced during a show or concert had an even higher level of happiness than those who merely went and watched. This allowed attendees to "feel less stressed and more easygoing throughout their typical day."