Music Machinery's Paul Lamere studied data from a variety of music streaming services, to find out if location affects American's listening preferences. After analyzing the popular artists in each region, he then compared those results to other regions. Lamere used his final results to create a map to show what artists dominate each state. Can you guess what artist dominates Texas?

You know Texas is going to have a country artist at the top. Alan Jackson dominates New Mexico and Jason Aldean took Oklahoma, so who do we have? The country god, George Strait! Everyone loves George Strait, even if you don't want to admit it.

Lamere even has an app that you can use to "explore the regional differences in music." I played around with this app for a few minutes, using Texas and New Mexico. I found out Texas listens to a rapper Z-RO way more than New Mexico does. I have no idea who that is so I guess this app would be great to show you different artists as well.

Spend some time checking out the states and play around with the app. It really is a time killer, plus this guy must have spent tons of time on this study, so why not use it!