Strip clubs come up with all kinds of things to draw customers.  "Shower" dances, fetish stuff, almost acrobatic pole dances ... they'll try anything to get your dollar bills!

A new clup opening in Oregon has come up with the weirdest gimmick yet.  Pregnant dancers.  The club is called "Baby Bumpers" and all dancers are required to be at least 6 months pregnant.  Guess where owner Buck Johnson came up with this?

“Truth is, all you see in the clubs around here just a bunch of girls all sucked up lookin’ like Skeletor and sh*t. Personally, I like fat bottoms and healthy girls with a little meat on them. One night I was laying in bed watching some pregnant belly dancers on the TV, and the idea just hit me… Why not make a pregnant girl strip joint?”

Sure, why not?  If pregnant belly dancers can have their own tv show, pregnant strippers deserve no less than their own club right?

What do you guys think?



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