We all remember the Unicorn Frappuccino and the chaos that it brought? Well brace yourselves, because Starbucks is about to unveil a brand new Frappuccino that will surely cause the same chaos! It's called the "Crystal Ball Frappuccino." According to Eater, it's peach flavoring with a turquoise swirl, peach flavored whipped cream and purple candy crystals. Okay, but they're not really telling me what flavor turquoise is!

If all the Tweets and Instagram posts are to be believed, they are set to launch on Thursday, March 22, but only for FOUR DAYS! Judging from the picture above, I can kind of see the crystal ball influence, the turquoise swirl looks very mystifying. The peach flavor is a little bit of an odd choice for me, but I guess they're starting to run out of flavorings with all the weird frappes that they've had. They've had the zombie Frappuccino, the Unicorn Frappe, the Frappula frappe for Halloween and one of my very favorites, the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino! If you ask me that's the one they should bring back because that one was delicious!

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