There's a cut on the soundtrack to the Sound City movie that's already earned the coveted Dubba G "PDC Award"!!

That stands for Pretty Damn Cool!  The Sound City movie looks pretty damn cool also and I'm sooooo anxious to see it.  It's about a legendary recording studio where just about EVERYONE recorded in the 70's, 80's and 90's including bands like Stonesour, Nirvana, Cheap Trick and Scott Reeder of Kyuss. (It shut down in 2011.)

Now, members of those bands have teamed up to record a tune for the soundtrack.  No "real" video just yet but you can check out the song and who's on it below.

The movie premiers on January 31st and the soundtrack drops (digitally) on February 1st!  (Preorder here!)

Dave Grohl also teamed up with his old buddy Krist Novoselic for the soundtrack.  (Remember their band??) To handle the vocals they recruited this guy that had been in a band from England whom they both loved .

Paul Something or other ...

I can't wait to see Sound City but I'm even more stoked about hearing the rest of this soundtrack!!

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