You've heard of "supergroups"?  This ones a mo-fo!!

Dave Grohls movie about the Sound City Recording studio premieres around the country on the 31st.  (Nothing here but Phoenix and Albuquerque get one if you're up for a road trip!)

Rocker ... and major type A personality ... Dave Grohl got the hype rolling after the Sundance Film Festival premiere by playing for over 3 hours with a group comprised of artists who recorded at Sound City.



Backed up by Grohl and the Foo Fighters; The Sound City Players included Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine, Queens of the Stone Ages' Alain Johannes, Krist Novoselic (and Grohl!!) of Nirvana, Masters of Reality’s Chris Goss, Lee Ving, Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick, Slip Knot/Stonesour vocalist Corey Taylor, Rick Springfield, John Fogerty and more!!

(Grohl and the Foo Fighters apparently learned about 50 songs in 10 days to become what I'd say is the greatest "back up/bar band" in rock!)

I picked out a couple of my favorites for you.  To see more, search sound city players on youtube!

Pretty cool huh?  I think these guys could go places!!

Could they have played that any more frantically??   Now, check out the grungiest version of Fortunate Son EVER!!

Still no sign of an El Paso area showing, but you can pre-order a digital download!  Seeing it in a theater with that big theater sound would be sooo much cooler though!!  Cinemark, Tinseltown, Carmike ... SOMEBODY ... bring us Sound City!!

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