The new Northeast Transfer Center will feature some decor inspired by an old Northeast landmark.

For decades, Sunrise Shopping Center was marked by a huge, blue spire. (See a picture here.) Now, the new Northeast Transfer Center will be marked by a similar spire. According to the El Paso Herald Post:

Their piece commemorates the iconic tower, which once stood at the Sunrise Shopping Center in Northeast El Paso from the 1960’s through the early 1990’s.

The structure will be adorned with perforated gold metal discs that will move freely in the wind, and glimmer with the light of the sun, resembling the fields of yellow poppies that blanket the Franklin Mountains during the springtime.

At night, the structure will glow...

The new center will also feature things like a park and ride garage, enclosed waiting areas, ticket offices, bike racks and more.  Check out pictures of both the old and new spires here.

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