It's not just Texans really, it's any "non" - New Mexican that's getting the boot.

New Mexico passed a medical marijuana bill that didn't require the "patient" to actually reside in the state. Those eligible for medical marijuana cards were listed as a "person" which, pretty much, allowed anyone to apply. Now, even as New Mexico considers a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, the state is trying to close that loophole and limit medical "green" cards ... get it?? ... to New Mexico residents only.

Read the proposed bill here. It's being pushed through by New Mexico Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino and he is the man to contact if you want to express your opinion of this plan. El Paso NORML founder and director Colt DeMorris is urging all:

patients that are out-of-state card holders to call Senator Ortiz y Pino’s office and demand that this bill be taken off the table.  Share your story and let him know what being a New Mexico medical cannabis card holder has done for you.

His contact info is below:

  • Capitol Phone: (505) 986-4482
  • Email: