Swing and a miss for NM...

The New Mexico legislature, again, shot down legalized marijuana. House Bill 89 died Monday in the House Business and Industry Committee. , According to the Las Cruces Sun - News, the bill:

"would have established a regulatory framework for the legal production, processing and sales of marijuana and industrial hemp, (but) was tabled following a debate of about 2 ½ hours in committee.

Rep. Bill McCamley, the bill’s sponsor, said on Facebook:

“I think a lot of this is still just this ‘Refer Madness’ mentality that this is just bad, even though we’re seeing over time in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, and now there are going to be four other states that are doing this, that it works.”

McCamley added that legalization could create 11,000 new jobs in the first year, and bring in over $44 million to New Mexico. This was McCamley's third attempt at legalizing marijuana and, for what it's worth, the first time he's gotten this far.

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