New Mexico already legalized medical marijuana now, advocates say 2017 could be the year it's legalized for recreational use.

Legalizing marijuana in New Mexico for recreational use, sale and taxation has come up before. It's never passed but, things may be different when legislators start 2017 sessions in January. According to the Las Cruces Sun - News, this is because:

  • Recent elections brought in more "pot friendly" members.
  • Growing public support.
  • The fact that medical marijuana is already allowed in New Mexico
  • Marijuana tax revenue estimates are $60 - $70 million, while the state faces an estimated $100 million deficit.

These are the primary reasons pro-pot peeps are optimistic about 2017, there are others. It doesn't hurt that the US government itself recently announced that marijuana kills cancer cells and that they're looking at allowing veterans with PTSD to use it.

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