New Mexico just passed a new, statewide, law aimed at big rigs.

Starting July 8th, a new law in New Mexico goes into effect which only affects 18 wheelers.

New Mexico Senate Bill 102 will stop semi trucks all across the state from having access to all the lanes on the states highways.

law to keep truck tractors in the right lane of roads takes effect Saturday. New Mexico already has a law to maintain right lane travel but the new law will focus on truck tractors.

Violations of the law could result in a $250 fine for the first two offenses and then increase to $500 for the third. The New Mexico Department of Transportation will begin putting signage on roads within the next few months and law enforcement will begin enforcing the changes. - krqe

Truckers can still use the "fast lane" to pass. In the event the highway has 3 lanes, truckers can't occupy the center lane unless passing and only then after signaling their intention properly.

After completing the pass, vehicles must return to the right lane. New Mexico has always mandated right lane travel except for passing, this just brings it to the truckers.

Senate Bill 102 also establishes fines for various, driving related offenses like not having a license, speeding, failure to obey signs and signals as well as the lane restrictions and more.

A similar law exists here in El Paso keeping big rigs out of the left lane on I-10 throughout most of the city but seems to be enforced very infrequently..

You can read more rules and see all of the fines by clicking here.

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