If passed, the bill would essentially end your right to do as you wish with your own property.

Anti-gunners, don't start with me.  As far as people who are lawfully disallowed gun ownership, it already is ... and has been ... illegal to sell them a weapon.  As for other, law-abiding citizens, it's currently legal to conduct weapons transactions. The new bill being heard tomorrow would prohibit ANY exchange. Selling, lending, giving as a gift to a relative, trading, etc...  According to the NRA:

Senate Bill 201: Firearm Transfer Act - Sponsored by Senator Michael Padilla, would ban all private firearms sales between law-abiding individuals, including every gift, loan or a simple handing off of a gun to a friend at the range.

It doesn't seem to affect your ability to sell your guns to a gun store or pawn shop. It does leaves open the possibility that you might be able to gift or sell weapons to friends and family after you:

  • Register your weapons
  • Paying undetermined fees
  • Get the governments permission.

It also sets "civil liabilities" for dealers in certain situations. I think this is complete BS.  If you agree, contact your representatives and let them know ASAP ... the hearing is TOMORROW!! (2/7/19)

Better yet, attend the hearing if possible.  For details, click here.