You may have noticed a new mascot hanging around town that had you do a double-take. The new mascot that has been getting attention is a cannabis plant holding on to a prop we've grown to know. The cannabis mascot even made Fitfamep's story being nicknamed the ganja preacher. When I noticed this new green mascot it was located on the Westside of El Paso. The cannabis plant you see around the city is promoting new smoke shops that are open.

The mascot sure is entertaining while working to promote shops throughout El Paso. The proposed city law is looking to approve a "cite and release" which means no arrest made for a small amount of marijuana. Since the new proposed city law came about last month, is when I first noticed the cannabis mascot. The cannabis mascot is quite friendly too. I had gotten down to take a picture and the mascot ran right over to me to pose for the camera.

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