A new law gives Texas carry permit holders a little more protection.

A new law has gone into effect regarding businesses that do not want people carrying guns on their premises. Previously, if a business had a sign posted indicating a "No Guns" policy, a license to carry holder could be prosecuted for carrying there. House Bill 121 stipulates that an employee must verbally inform the license holder about their policy before they can be prosecuted. This is to prevent people from unknowingly or inadvertently violating policies and getting into trouble unnecessarily.

Following the tragic shooting at Wal-Mart on August 3rd, record numbers of El Pasoans began the process to obtain their License To Carry. This new law may not have been covered in some recent classes so, everyone should be aware of it to avoid problems.

For more info, click here. There are several places to take an LTC course around El Paso including Tactical Ranch and Sportsman's Elite.

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