A new documentary claims that rapper Tupac wasn't really murdered in Las Vegas in the 90s, but is actually alive and well and living in New Mexico. Filmmaker Rick Boss wants to dive into the mystery surrounding legendary rapper Tupac Shakur and find out what really happened to him. The film, "2Pac: The Great Escape from UMC" will look into the wild theory that the California rap legend didn't die in a shooting in Las Vegas back in 1996. Instead, Boss believes that Shakur was able to sneak out of the hospital he was taken to, University Medical Center in Las Vegas, and is now in hiding.

The filmmaker believes that Tupac knew of the hit that was put out on him, and he and Suge Knight were able to plan a great escape, that would leave a double in the car that was eventually shot up that night. Boss believes that Tupac Shakur is currently in hiding in New Mexico, being protected by the Navajo Nation. Find out more at the KTNV news.

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