We should feel so happy about hearing the news that the city of El Paso will open more Covid-19 testing sites. The new locations you can get tested at are at UTEP and in the far East part of town. Before not a lot of people took advantage of getting tested for Covid-19. But now, since there has been a rise in cases a lot more people are waiting in line to get tested. There have been other testing sites available to you around El Paso that test by appointment or without one. Lately, I have been getting tested on a daily basis because of the positive cases (my family) that I was around. The first time I got tested was when we all were beginning to find out how dangerous Covid-19 is. I went to a clinic for my first Covid-19 test. But then, with the help of my co-worker, she gave me a couple of places to also get tested for free. I enjoyed the way the staff gives you a cotton swab for you to swirl around in your nose all by yourself.

The location where I didn't feel that uncomfortable test was at the 301 George Perry location off Global Reach. But to get tested at that location on George Perry is the one you have to set up your appointment. The other location I've been using the past couple of times is in the Northeast at Nations Tobin Park. That one testing site off Railroad at Nations Tobin Park is the one you don't need an appointment for. Thanks to the newest additional testing sites even more El Pasoans can get tested. The new Covid-19 testing sites will be located at UTEP and far Eastside. UTEP's Covid-19 testing site will be at UTEP Shuster 1 parking lot. The location at UTEP is a first come first serve basis and don't need an appointment.

Another location that will be on the far East part of town will be at Eastside Sports Complex 14380 Montwood. The Texas Military Department Mobile Testing Team will have the testing on site Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

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