Never Say Die were in the studio with us last Monday performing and talking about their upcoming show in Abilene. Sadly, the band had items taken from them at the show.

Never Say Die are a relatively new band with members you might remember. Their former band My Darkest Days had a #1 hit with their song "Porn Star Dancing" and were on their way to more hits when the band decided to go on hiatus. Their lead singer Matt Walst went on to sing for Three Days Grace, while the rest of the band started Never Say Die.

The band came into the Buzz Adams Morning Show to discuss the new band, their brand new album and an upcoming show in Abilene on Thursday. Friday morning we found out that someone stole items from the band at the venue on Thursday night.

Here's a Facebook post about the incident:

Never Say Die were playing at My Place Abilene, Texaslast night with Doll Skin. Some scumbag decided to steal their Tour Manager bag which contains their computer, ipad, money, passports, etc. What makes this more disgusting to me is that an actual music fan who went to see these bands decided to rip them off.

The band now has a Go Fund Me set up to help them with the costs of replacing the equipment, as well as the personal items that were stolen. Here's what the Go Fund Me had to say about the robbery:

If you've found yourself on this gofundme page it's because you've just learned (via Facebook) that while on a nation wide tour, last night in Abilene, TX  the personal belongings  of one of the most selfless and caring people I know Mike Langford, one fourth of Never Say Die, was stolen from behind the merch table at the venue...

The contents of this bag (aka office in a backpack) contained not only cash value items (laptop, tablet, ipods, cables etc...) but these items are vital tools of the day-to-day operations of running a business, the band - this is how Mike and the band make a living. The value is said to be $8,000 CAD. Once we reach the goal, we'll donate the remaining funds to a charity that gives kids/youths access to music (sourcing info now).

You can donate to the band here.

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