Yep, you read that right. Nevada politicians want to allow criminals, shot in the act of robbing a home, to sue whoever shot them.

WTF? Senate Bill HB254 is working its way through the Nevada political machine. If passed, the bill will allow criminals ... or their surviving family members ... shot in the act of robbing a home to sue the homeowner or resident who shoots them.

Nevada law currently protects people in cases of "justifiable homicide" which is defined as:

the killing of a human being in necessary self-defense, or in defense of an occupied habitation, an occupied motor vehicle or person, against one who manifestly intends or endeavors to commit a  crime of violence, or against any person or persons who manifestly intend and endeavor, in a violent, riotous, tumultuous or surreptitious manner, to enter the occupied habitation or occupied motor vehicle, of another for the purpose of assaulting or offering personal violence to any person dwelling or being therein.

That wouldn't change but, the homeowner could wind up losing everything they have in a civil lawsuit. What do you think about this?

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