New Years Eve parties and head bangin' go together sooo well!!

Wanna addd some thrash to your New Years Eve, catch "The Thrash Years" tomorrow night on VH-1 Classic! 

As part of their Metal Evolution sries, New Years Eve gets Metal Tharshin' Mad!!

Read more and check out other cool Metal Madness they have coming up at!!

If you're a Guns N Roses fan, you can have them play your New Years Eve party!!  Assuming they show up, they're playing The Joint tomorrow night and it will be broadcast as a pay per view event!  For more info and/or to order the concert, follow the link >>>>

If you're more interested in partying than rocking; the G n R show will stream for 24 hours.  Order now, party later, rock the jungle later, later!! :)

Be safe ya'll!

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