Yep, it's true.  A member of The Oklahoma City Thunder totally gave himself a pull!

Of his own hand that is!  Following The Oklahoma City Thunders' whooping of The Los Angeles Clippers, (the final score was 105 to 91), Thunder rookie Steven Adams went to try and shake hands with Los Angeles Clipper reserve Byron Mullins.

Apparently Byron Mullins is a bit of a sore loser though because he totally blew off Steven Adams attempt at good sportsmanship.  What a douche huh?  No wonder everybody hates on The Los Angeles Clippers with players that act like this.

Steven Adams makes the best of it though.  The New Zealand native shakes his own hand and then moves on with things, showing way more class than Mullins did by acting like a spoiled little brat.

I guess he (Mullins) was still a little upset over the fact that he missed the one (and only) shot that he took all night!