Who knew that we would have a National Underwear Day exist on the calendar. Underwear is a pretty big deal in certain places. For example, showing off your undies is a pretty big deal in some cities across the world. About 40 cities in the United States participate in the Cupid's Undie Run. Then there was that one time Salt Lake City hosted an Undie Run and that set the Guinness Record in 2011. I believe if El Paso hosted an Undie Run there would be A LOT of participants. August 5 has been declared as National Underwear Day. Now there are some who always stay covered and some who like to be a free bird. Although, being a free bird in the summer doesn't sound appealing unless you're at home.

Well, there are people who actually don't mind not wearing underwear during the summertime. Some friends of mine who I will keep anonymous have admitted they prefer to be a free bird. Apparently, there are activities to take part in for National Underwear Day that I never heard of. Such as setting up a parade with friends to prance around in your underwear. The last time I was in my underwear around friends was when we jumped into a pool. I don't think I could happily parade with my friends in my underwear while sober. But one activity I will have no problem doing is ordering new ones online from Victoria's Secret. The last activity would be hard to see since we don't have a burlesque show in El Paso. But you can always pop in some flicks Burlesque or Risky Business in honor of National Underwear Day.

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