If you're single and ready to mingle there's one particular place you CAN actually meet someone. Tomorrow is National Singles Day and also happens to be Beer Bites and Beats. If you've been wanting to get cuffed up and literally then you will want to hit up the Beer Bites and Beats Festival. They say one of the best top 20 places to meet someone is at a festival.

Meeting someone at a festival came in at number 15 on the 20 best spots to meet single men and women. Another way you can meet someone that took second place is by standing in line. You can bet there will be all sorts of lines when you're waiting to be beered at Beer Bite and Beats Festival. Then coming in at number 9 for a good place to meet singles at are bars and restaurants. The Beer Bites and Beats Festival will be held right in front of the bar DeadBeach Brewery. So you're pretty much killing 3 birds with one stone if you're single and hitting up the Beer Bites and Beats Festival.

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