The pandemic has been hard on us all and the El Paso Zoo wants to help you release some of that stress, by symbolically getting rid of the person that's bothering you.
The El Paso Zoo is having their "Quit Bugging Me" annual event, where you can name a cockroach after someone who's been bugging the heck out of you. It can an ex, your boss, mother-in-law, frenemy, whoever has been a serious no good nuisance in your life.
Last year, the event featured the El Paso Zoo's Meerkat mob but the event has become so popular the zoo will be incorporating even more animals into the mix this year. You can see iguanas, skinks, and more chowing down on some delicious Madagascar hissing cockroaches through the El Paso Zoo's Facebook stream throughout Valentine's weekend, February 13th and 14th.
To submit a name, visit the El Paso Zoo website to submit a name and donate. Donations are welcome but not required but since it's for a good cause, you should probably just donate. Donations will go towards to zoo for conservation efforts and further the zoo's mission statement. For every $1,000 raised, the Zoo director Joe Montisano and other staff will take turns eating a cockroach.
The animals can only eat so many cockroaches so the names will be pulled at random as they eat but all names will be displayed in the animals' exhibits.
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