Demolition Man turns 25 this year! In honor of it's anniversary, Taco Bell is bringing back it's beloved Nacho Fries. Yes, that's right, those delicious fries that seemed like they were gone in the blink of an eye are making a return! If you haven't tried them, don't disregard them, at 2 A.M. they are delicious! Taco Bell announced the return of the treat on Twitter.

Mark your calendars for July 12th when the Nacho Fries return to the menu!

The "summer of sequel" not only comes with fries, but this year, Comic-Con, which is notorious for setting up pop-ups related to TV and films, will have a recreation of Demolition Man's futuristic restaurant outside. Taco Bell, which we know from Demolition Man which takes place in 2032, is the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars making every restaurant Taco Bell. Comic-Con takes place in San Diego on July 19-July 22. You can get the Nacho Fries nationwide on July 12 for $1.29 (which went up from $1). They'll also be available in "Supreme" for $2.49 and in "Bell Grande" for $3.49.


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