A really old safe that washed up on a Texas Beach has finally been opened.

The safe turned up on the Gulf of Mexico coastline near Port Aransas, Texas.

Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve director Jace Tunnell wanders along the shoreline every week looking for sea turtles that need help and monitoring other animals including endangered birds.

Tunnel says that finding weird stuff washed up from the ocean is par for the course and recently thought he'd really hit the jackpot when he spotted an old safe.

Each year, Mission-Aransas sells some of their most unusual beach finds during the Tony's Trash to Treasure auction to help raise money for the Amos Rehabilitation Keep (ARK).

Tunnell also spotlights the weird discoveries in photos and a weekly vlog series titled Beach Combing. - chron.com

Some of their other beach finds have included an actual message in a bottle, a deer mount, (whatever the hell that is), an Iron Man stuffed animal, a Man-o-war and a rare nest of Kemp's ridley sea turtle eggs.

In this episode, they finally manage to crack the safe after bashing away at it with hammers, crowbars and a metal grinder.

What they found was a little less than exciting ... some silica gel.

That's certainly not going to see zillions of dollars pouring into the Amos Rehabilitation Keep bank account.

Although a scrap yard will probably give them a couple of bucks for the metal.

Too bad rust has no financial value ...

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