The El Paso Downtown StreetFest is happening this weekend. Halestorm will be rocking the stage on Friday and I am beyond excited! I finally can join my fellow freaks in a sing-along in the middle of downtown to some of the insanely catchy songs by my favorite band.

I could happily sing along to every Halestorm song, but some of their songs are incredibly perfect for a massive sing-along. StreetFest is the perfect way place to let your freak flag fly and sing along with the beautiful Lzzy Hale.

1. "Here's To Us"

Imagine raising a cold one high above the air, swaying with your best friends in the middle of a crowd as Halestorm performs, "Here's To Us." It's a feel good song that brings everyone together to get lost in the moment of a good time, especially at a rock show.

2. "It's Not You"

The 2010 hit is one of my favorites to just sing freely, no matter how ridiculous I look. It's a powerful song that everyone can relate, because don't we all have that one person you have to let down gently? No one actually lets anyone down gently so might as well sing it to them.

3. "Familiar Taste of Poison"

Halestorm performed this rock ballad at the 2011 KLAQ BBQ and had the crowd singing like a symphony. Lzzy came out with a bottle of wine and beautifully sang this song acoustically. It was the first time I was able to see the band perform live. Yeah, I teared up. I am totally not embarrassed...

4. "Amen"

I find the feel of this song similar to "Here To Us" since I just want to grab some drinks with my friends and shout, AMEN! Work can just push you to the point of saying screw it and we all can relate to one of those days. Halestorm helps us all relieve some stress by having an anthem to jam out to as you walk out of work.

5. "Love Bites (So Do I)

The Grammy award winning single is obviously a fan favorite. It's such a killer song to sing-along to as you just get lost in the sound of a killer melody and powerful lyrics. Once you hear Arejay begin that countdown, you know your ready to rock! It's one of my favorites to listen to for a confidence boost.