Many fans of KLAQ and our sister station KSII will fondly remember Courtney Nelson.

He was a fixture at the station from the mid 80's up until 2012 and he passed away yesterday following a motorcycle accident. A lifetime fan of motocross, he had ridden and raced since he was a kid and if anything good can be said of this sad situation, he did truly die doing what he loved, indulging his true life's passion.

It's impossible to sum someone up in a few words and even harder for Courtney as he was such an amazing man. Professionally, he wore many hats over the years as a morning show host, production director, program director, operations manager and more. Outside of work, the titles he held most dear were father and husband. He leaves behind a wife, a son and a daughter along with a fatherhood bar set so high, I doubt anyone will ever top it.

He hired me, showed me the ropes as I came in with almost no experience and taught me my initial production skills. Over time, technology advanced and we all had to learn new things but those early lessons are still among my fondest memories and certain rules and procedural habits remain ingrained in me to this day. He made sure we were at the top of our games too. His standards were high.

That being said, it brings me to two more titles Courtney held ... mentor and a good friend.

He ALWAYS had a minute for us. Over the years, he talked us through divorces and career changes. Losses and health issues. Lent us money and made sure we all got our due. Gave the best advice he could ... he always gave good advice, mind you as he was a very wise man ... and just listened when necessary.

He helped me through many tough personal challenges, guided me through the dark days following the death of my father and helped me recover from my own motorcycle accident. This could go on forever and I don't want it to get boring or preachy. Plus, I can already see Court shaking his head and saying "gimme a break."

He would never brag about himself, despite the fact that he had so much TO brag about. In the world of radio, he was a genius. A giant, upon whose shoulders we were all privileged to stand.

So, there it is. A snapshot of a man I consider a hero in 438 words. Nowhere near enough written in a tale that ended far too soon.

Farewell, my brother. We'll ride together again someday.

Photo, Facebook/Courtney Nelson
Photo, Facebook/Courtney Nelson

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