There are always these videos popping up with "ghost in [FILL IN LOCATION] caught on tape". Some of them are really fun, some of them are stupid jokes, and some of them are spooky realistic. With video editing in everyone's home now, and the low cost of digital effects, so many people are making these videos.

Or ARE they making them up? Could some of them be real?

Here are a few, let me know what you think...real or fake?

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    Ghost in Shower Caught on Tape


    I found this one while trolling around on Facebook. It claims to show proof of paranormal activity, and comes from a cable channel part of NBCUniversal, which airs the paranormal reality series "From Beyond".

    I almost forgot to watch for a ghost, as I was hoping for some nekkididity with the girl getting out of the shower.

    Sorry, I don't get out much.

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    Real Ghost Girl Caught on Video Tape 9


    This guy has a whole series of videos he's made with "Madeline", the ghost girl wandering around his home. Book stacking, floating above couches, running through doors, hanging out in the kitchen...this is a busy girl.

    Some cool editing and effects going on here...could this be real?

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    REAL Ghost in Hotel Filmed by Security Guard


    Maybe one of weirdest guys on YouTube, not as "dangerous" as he claims to's a simple video of some shadowy figures coming down a hallway. Not a lot to this one.

    He sounds like kind of a nut, and the outro on the video supports that assumption.

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    Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl in the Mirror!

    Other than the obvious edit, this one is kind of cool. Simple, short, no crappy narration. It would really cool if stuff like this were real.

    Okay, maybe I'm odd to think would probably scar these little girls forever or something. But think of the tourist income from all these crappy ghost hunting shows!

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    Real ghost video proof 3


    I've seen some of the debunking articles on this one, but it still looks pretty cool! The editing is done smoothly, and it's hard to spot the faking (if there is any). I saw this a few years ago, and there are several videos of this same pantry ghost, different nights and different things they tried, I guess.

    One guy (as the story goes) make some skeptical comments on these videos, so the guy had him out to see for himself. Of course they caught it on tape again, why else post another video of it? The guest doubter even touches the door while the "ghost" is doing its thing.

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    Scariest Ghost Caught On Film


    "Did Mabel tell you where I was?"

    If only she hadn't looked at the cue card before reading her line, this would be really cool! There's the Hide and Seek setup, the lights going out, the spooky trip downstairs with the closet check and the mysterious ball coming down the stairs...all leading to the climax with the girl behind the dresser and the girl under the covers!

    Real? Stupid?