Tonight I am hoping Sparta plays my all time favorite songs at the benefit! If you would like to see Sparta perform again a simple donation of $10 will get you a spot. Sparta is holding a fundraiser to help out the El Paso Community Foundation tonight. The El Paso Forever Benefit Concert will begin at 7 pm and located off Oregon Street between Mills and Main Street in Downtown. There will be opening acts like Frontera Bugalu and Nalgadas that will be followed by headliners Sparta. I am crossing my fingers to hear at least one of my favorite songs from them. Because like they say one is better than none but if all three play, that would be spectacular! My three all-time favorite songs from Sparta are "Atlas", "Breaking The Broken", and "Erase It Again." Of course I also enjoy their other songs like "Taking Back Control" and "While Oceana Sleeps" but specifically favor my top three.

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