There is a wild time ahead for some El Pasoans that are fans of Jersey Shore's Pauly D. The DJ and MTV star gained stardom thanks to the familiar show Jersey Shore. If you have ever seen the MTV show then you should be able to recall who Pauly D is.

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Besides, Pauly D was the dude who was known for his unique hairstyle that seems like it takes a lot of hair gel to upkeep. Disco Donnie presents Pauly D who will be performing at 11:11 EPTX which is located at 9740 Dyer Suite 117.

Pauly D is expected to be in El Paso Friday, March 4 which is a hell of a way to kick off the weekend Jersey style except in El Paso. Be advised if you're trying to make plans with your chick on March 4 and she bails, now you know why.

If this is something that interests you or someone you know then you can keep up with further details through 11:11 EPTX's Instagram page. Pauly D is no stranger to the borderland since he was last visited El Paso in 2018 for Minerpalooza.

Luckily, Dyanne Carrillo shared some of DJ Pauly D's set on her YouTube video she took at Minerpalooza, above. I think it is safe to say El Paso left a damn good impression if he is wanting to party with us all over again.

Let's just hope that DJ Pauly D enjoyed his last visit to El Paso a few years back. But some locals are certainly stoked to hear about his return and looking forward to seeing him perform in March. If you're interested in partying with DJ Pauly D in El Paso you can get more information and buy your tickets by clicking here. DJ Pauly D returning to party again with El Paso is proof that he even see how El Paso knows how to party.

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