There are some cool promotions you will want to take advantage of at a couple of theaters! Alamo Drafthouse has a special party coming up this weekend. While another soon to open movie theater will beer you for free after they open. We always enjoy places that have special promotions going on that we can get in on. A couple of theaters have some special promotions coming up that you won't want to miss out on.

Alamo Drafthouse has a special promotion that is coming up on Saturday, August 24. If you have always been a fan of The Goonies you will make sure to attend this event. Alamo Drafthouse will be hosting The Goonies Cerea Party this weekend and has some special perks that come along with your movie preview. Another theater that isn't open just yet has a promotion that is only available for adults 21 and over. That theater is Flix Brewhouse and will have something every adult enjoys especially when it's free!

  • AFP/Getty Images
    AFP/Getty Images

    Flix Brewhouse

    Flix Brewhouse isn't open quite yet but has a little something in store for you when they do! Flix Brewhouse will treat you to your first beer on the house. They will have 6 craft beers for you to choose from to enjoy on the house. To score a free pint you can send a text to 66866 or subscribe with your e-mail. This promotion will begin Thursday, September 5 at 5 pm.

  • The Washington Post/Getty Images
    The Washington Post/Getty Images

    Alamo Drafthouse

    The Alamo Drafthouse is having a cereal party this weekend. Alamo Drafthouse wants to invite you to The Goonies Cereal Party. Your ticket will include a cereal buffet that is available for you throughout the entire film. Not only that, they encourage you to wear pajamas for this party! It will take place on Saturday, August 24 at 10 am.

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