Hollywood is making a movie about El Paso's very own serial killer. Wait, should we be proud of this?

A movie's being made about former El Pasoan Richard Ramirez and actor Lou Diamond Phillips has been cast as the nutbag killer. The movie will be a fictionalized account of Ramirez' life and crimes.

Richard Ramirez, otherwise known as the Night Stalker, terrorized California in the 80's. Born in El Paso, he began his journey into madness hanging out with his cousin Mike. Mike was a Vietnam Vet who introduced Ramirez to Satanism while telling him stories about killing and torturing people in Vietnam.  Mike murdered his wife, shooting her in the face, while Ramirez watched.

After moving to California, Ramirez would eventually be dubbed "The Night Stalker" and get 19 death sentences for committing 13 murders, five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries.  He died in prison in 2013.