Ok, the new Monster Energy Hottie doesn't neccesarily have anything to do with motorcycles.  I just didn't think you'd really mind!


First of all, props to Santa Teresa Motorsports for making Motorcycle Monday happen!  910 Livingston in the Upper Valley, stop by and test drive a new Victory!  Awesome bikes .. I know, I rode some of them .. and AMERICAN made!!  Take Country Club Drive over the river and look left, you can't miss them!!

In Motocross news, Ryans got a ride!!  Ryan Dungey has signed with KTM!!  Winner of regional and national titles, Ryan took the Supercross crown in 2010.  He was managed by Roger Decoster who is now KTM's US Team manager!!  Read more here from supercross.com!


Next up, this weekend Vegas is rocking again with a cool moto/supercross style event!  With guys like Eli Tomac running in it, this looks like it's going to be pretty damn COOL!

Read more at supercross.com


For those of you keeping track, numbers are out for 2012!  Ryan Villopoto will ... of course ... fly the big uno and Eli Tomac, mentioned above, will wear 17.  Check out the rest at supercross.com!

Ok, ok ... for all of you pounding your keyboards and whining "What about the chick??" ....... HERE. Monster Energys new Hottie, Gemma Lee!


This counts 'cuz Monster Energy does Motocross ....... stuff. And, well, she's HOT!  (I really don't know how my blondie didn't make it though.  We should demand some kind of wrestling type thing between those two to decide on a winner!!)

Here's a reminder of her for you ... one of the (usually totally uneccesary) shots I used in Moto Monday blogs this year!


I do these things for you, just because I can!!


Locally, Bandidos MC held their 12th anniversary this past weekend and the turnout was impressive!  HUGE even!!!!!!! 

Hundreds of bikes, loads of people and lots of fun all for a great cause. Double Cross rocked the place and it was all to help out a young El Pasoan named Jeremy Romero. Confined to a wheelchair, Bandidos MC had a van cutomized with a ramp and other features that allow Jeremy easy access in and out of the van and raised a few dollars as well! A great cause and having Jeremy and his folks on hand, made it all the better. The Coalition Of Clubs and the El Paso Motorcycle Community, as a whole, remain one of the strongest and most giving I've ever ridden with!! Congrat's everyone!

There it went .. the fastest couple of minutes in radio, Motorcycle Monday! On The Q every Monday thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports in The Upper Valley! Next weekend, more fun!


Tune into KLAQ beginning Thursday for info on next weekends runs, benefits, etc!!  Oh yeah ....... Here are a few more Monster Energy drink girls for you from monsterenergydrink.com!

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