More Moto Madness!!

95-5, KLAQ! Time for Motorcycle Monday .. brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports. In the Upper Valley by the river! Street, dirt, quads, accesories, parts mechanics ....... they do it all!!

This weekend, the Nationals continued at Budds Creek! (No, I don't know who the hell Bud is .. quit asking!)

Ryan Dungey gets the fastest practice lap time, just over 2 minutes. This guy is lightning!! Dungey also does pretty well for the day also. At Budds Creek, it's all about Villopoto, Reed, Dungey and Windham really. Nothing against the other guys (Hahn, Grant, Short, Metcalfe .. you guys are good. The others though are stealing the show!) Villopoto wins the first moto. Dungey in second and Reed gets the tres. All of these guys current and/or former champs!!

In moto 2, Alessi comes out strong .. and holds it awhile .. but ultimately falls behind Reed and Dungey. (Go Dungey!!) Villopoto starts coming on about halfway through. Reed holds them all off though and takes the checkered flag while holding on to his lead in the points standings!! Dungey gets second place and third in overall points! Villopoto gets third and third!! (Place and points standings!!)

In the lites .. for the day .. it's Rattray, Wilson then Barcia

Points wise, it's Rattray, Wilson and Baggett!  (Baggett settling for 7th today, but maintaining a good points position!!)

Check out the complete list of points (and more results and photos) at!

Locally, we all went rafting this weekend so it was pretty quiet! Check out some pictures from the KLAQ Great River Raft Race at!

Plenty coming this weekend though .. stay tuned for more info!   That's it.

A quiet weekend makes for an even quicker "fastest couple of minutes in radio" today!!   Motorcycle Monday rocks on KLAQ!!!!!!!