In Texas, we take football seriously. At every age level, football is a religion and we Texans build some impressive "churches".

There are plenty of amazing campuses spread all over the lone star state. It's not just Texas colleges that are big either, we've got some huge high schools too.

Football in Texas comes second to none ... we'll freakin' move Halloween if necessary to keep a game on.

As you can see in this link, Texas high school stadiums rival some big time universities in size, scale, amenities and, well, just about everything.

The states most expensive high school stadium in Katy, Texas, set taxpayers back about $72 million dollars. Check it out in the video above.

The Texas trinity of "most expensive high school stadiums" is rounded out by Allen, Texas, ($60 mil), and McKinney, Texas. ($90 mil) Both within Collin County.

Photo, CBS Texas/YouTube
Photo, CBS Texas/YouTube

These are not huge cities either. I mean, we're not talking Houston or Dallas here. They're small communities that just happen to be growing exponentially.

Prosper ISD, located near McKinney, is about to really up the ante with a new $94 million dollar stadium that will be the most expensive high school stadium in the USA.

In Prosper's case, construction money comes from a 2.8 BILLION dollar bond passed that will also build more schools as Prosper ISD is growing like a you know what.

2020 High School Football Season Kicks Off in Texas
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In about 12 years, they've added 25,000 students.

Prosper continues growing by a few thousands students each year and is slated to open Walnut Grove high school next fall., and an article from the Celina Record back in January of 2022 shares that, within the next decade, the district is expecting to have to add THREE more high schools, 5-6 middle schools, and 14-15 more elementary schools. -


No idea what the stadium will look like as the project is in its infancy but when pics or drafts become available, I'll share 'em with you here.

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