If you've been in a relationship for any length of time, you know that there are arguments that pop up over and over again. A new survey asked couples about what they argue about the most. Here is what it came up with.

  1. What to ear for meals.
    1. This occasionally pops up for my wife and I, but we're pretty good about knowing our patterns and what we want to eat. Plus we alternate who gets to decide if we really can't come to a consensus.
  2. What time to leave home for something.
    1. This is out of my hands at my house. I rely 100% on my wife when to tell me to be ready for something. Of course, she learned early on that she needed to communicate this to me. She would just say we were going somewhere, but wouldn't tell me when. Well, I'm like a child in this aspect and need to be told an exact time we're leaving so I know when to start getting ready.
  3. How long it takes one or both of them to get ready.
    1. I know what I'm in for with this and I don't mind it. When it gets to real crunch time, my wife can get going. We were in a super rush to make it to Metallica, and she was done in 5 minutes. Credit to her for that. But regularly, it's going to take her longer. But she has things like hair that need to be done. I don't have that burden. So I take advantage of that time and sneak in a nap while she' getting ready.
  4. How much time to spend with extended family.
    1. Another one that's out of my hands. All my family is out of town, so it's only her extended family. We'll talk about it before hand, and she knows if it's on a week night I need to get going earlier because of work.
  5. Which movies or TV shows to watch.
    1. This doesn't spark an argument. It just leads to scrolling through Netflix or Hulu over and over and over, wasting time. We need to create a pattern for this. She picks one night, and I pick the next night. Rotation is good.
  6. Alarm clock sounds and timing.
    1. I know I get up at a God-awful time, so I have a watch set for my alarm. It buzzes on my wrist and gets me up.
  7. Bedtime.
    1. Again, I have odd hours and my wife knows it. Weekends are different though, but we pretty much just stay awake until we start to fall asleep on the couch in the living room.
  8. Holiday plans.
    1. Again, this one is easy. My family is out of town, so we go by my wife's normal schedule. Although this year we're heading out of town to visit my family.

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