This week on the Buzz Adams Morning Show unpaid show contributor Nico Adjemian will try to break the world record for fastest time eating an onion.

Over the past weekend a new onion-eating record was set. It was at the annual Onion Fayre in Gloucestershire, England. The record was set by a man who ate a 7 ounce onion in :45 seconds. That blew the previous record time completely to smithereens. You can see this amazing feat being accomplished here.

I’ve always wanted to be part of a world-record attempt. My approach to breaking a world record is this: pick out the most obscure but (this is important) most ACHIEVABLE record there is. So, something that not many people would attempt but also something that doesn’t require a lifetime of practice or 7 foot long fingernails.

Nico Adjemian has bravely volunteered to make this attempt at the world record. We’re putting together all the details but expect the world record try to be before this week is over! This will really put our show on the map AND we’ll be able to take away a record from a town in England that has a WHOLE FESTIVAL devoted to this nonsense. Take that, snooty British people! And, it’s spelled “fair” not “fayre”, jerks. MAGA!

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