If you're one who doesn't like eating the same thing twice in a row, then these recipes are for you! Not a lot of people enjoy eating a Thanksgiving meal back to back day after day as others do.

Brianna K will help you use up your Thanksgiving leftovers in a different fashion. These recipes will leave you thankful for having a ton of leftovers from the day before. So for breakfast, you can mix some pieces of turkey into an omelet with cheese that tastes delicious.  She also made some Jiffy corn muffins and topped it off with the cranberry sauce as a frosting. You can also try the green bean casserole as a quesadilla that tastes unbelievably scrumptious. Finally, that ridiculous amount of mashed potatoes can be fried and topped with some sour cream.

If you're one of those that can't eat another fixed Thanksgiving plate then these recipes are for you!

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