Last time we talked about this, it was mostly about Lady Gaga and what we could expect from her performance. From her hair color, to whether or not she'll end up on the roof of NRG Stadium.

HERE the USA Today has some more prop bets for you. It does list some of the basic best that are more typical, like odds to in the game, odds to win MVP, and the over/under. But those are boring. Here are some of the more odd things you can bet on.

  • Someone throwing a sex toy on the field has 45-to-1 odds. But if you remember, this did happen earlier this season at a Patriots game in Buffalo against the Bills.
Sex Toy Thrown On Field
  • Joe Buck has recently been rocking a Miami Vice stubble beard, so the odds are 10-to-1 that he'll be clean shaven.
  • In one of the more surprising odds, it's only 8-to-1 that Deflategate WON'T get mentioned.
  • If you want to bet on a wardrobe malfunction, you're only going to get 2-to-1 odds. Thanks Lady Gaga.
  • And now for some really crazy bets. If you're looking for something in the 25-to-1 odds range, you can bet on someone CATCHING FIRE during the halftime show.
  • And some of the most insane odds, for good reason, it's 5,000-to-1, that Bill Belichick will host Saturday Night Live in the weeks following the Super Bowl.

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