This year was one HECK of a Street Fest . Great Crowds , Great Food , Great People and YEAH A GREAT SHOW!!! BTO and QUEENSRYCHE

As always , I ask some of my friends to send Pics so that we can post them on our site .. This year is no different, BUT i forgot to give credit to someone ... I tried to post pictures and somehow ... I screwed it UP !!!

Alicia Gonzales....She's an old Friend from back in the day (Jr. High School and High School).. She took some Amazing pictures at the 2011 KLAQ Downtown Street Fest. and because of MY Screw UP ... I'm posting these Again !!!.
ALICIA !!!! YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the Awesome pictures ,I did NOT post all 100+, but ask her to share some with you .
THANKS AGAIN Alicia and Hope to see you at the KLAQ BBQ in September !!!

All Pictures by Ms. Alicia Gonzalez