Next year the monster trucks will be pulling off those stunts again at the Sun Bowl Stadium. You can enjoy seeing a lot of daredevils flying high and going vroom in their monster trucks. The Sun Bowl Stadium always fills up with motorsports fans to see their personal favorites. Get ready to get your blood flowing and the kids stoked for next years show. The Monster Jam will be coming to the Sun City on Saturday, March 7 and Sunday, March 8.

You can also expect to see the El Paso favorite, Grave Digger at next years Monster Jam. You can purchase your tickets and prices will be starting at $15. Now if your kids are like my son that don't enjoy loud noises, be sure to pack some hearing protection gear. The way the monster trucks engines roar can be pretty loud for some kids eardrums. It's going to be a hell of a good time again like it always has been at the Monster Jam.

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