Every year the monster trucks come to El Paso & when they do, I always try to make it a point to see them. Not just because I love seeing the big trucks & the amazing paint jobs, but because it's been a childhood tradition & favorite to watch monster truck events.

Well this past weekend, Monster Jam came back to a sold out crowd in the Sun City & of course, I went... & I loved it.

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I went to the Saturday show & around 7pm things got started. I always love going to the Saturday showing because it's always at night & something about watching night racing makes it even more incredible. Not to mention they always make sure the opening to the show is a spectacle. See for yourself...

There were a total of 12 trucks at the show & as you would expect, there was plenty of speed, huge air & tons of insane stunts through out the night. Many favorites were there including Monster Mutt, Max-D, El Toro Loco & of course who could forget...

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus


There were many amazing moments that night. One of the most notable moments was when one of the trucks, Mohawk Warrior, broke a wheel after performing a backflip:

Another memorable moment was when Monster Mutt rolled over (but you would expect that from a big dog right)?

The winner of the Saturday freestyle competition was Grave Digger with THIS run:

I didn't go to Sunday's show however, I do know the winner of freestyle was Monster Mutt:

Overall, the event was just an incredible experience. Monster Jam always made it a point to make El Paso a stop on its tour for a reason: they know the crowds get excited & loud and they always sell out events every year. You can see more videos from El Paso here.

If Monster Jam comes back in March of next year, you better believe I'll make it a point to attend it then too. Anything to make me relive the good ol' days of being a kid again...

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