Today, the Buzz Adams Morning Show was amazed by this fact about LB, the sea lion at our El Paso Zoo. Today is Veterans Day, a day to honor and support those who have served in the US military. To celebrate, the El Paso Zoo sent out a press release stating how they would be celebrating the holiday and honoring their veteran currently at the zoo.

To which we said- what?

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The press release went on to state that Little Bit, also known as L.B., would be honored at a ceremony at the zoo today. L.B. is a 750-pound sea lion and is the only U.S. Military Veteran animal currently at any zoo, according to the press release. After reading this fact, we had to look into how many sea lions are in the armed forces and what exactly they do.

According to WTSP News in Tampa, the U.S. Navy trains bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions to detect, locate, mark, and recover objects in coastal areas and in the open sea. The Marine Mammal Program is located near San Diego and has been in operations since the early 1960s. You can read more about the program on the Marine Mammal Program's website.

 Little Bit was honorably discharged from his service and then was sent to the El Paso Zoo to live out his golden years. Today the zoo will honor the veteran in their midst with a special Veterans Day ceremony that will include several military veterans, the City’s Military and Veteran Affairs Office, and the JROTC from Chapin High School. The El Paso Zoo also says they wil be sharing his story about his service to the country and even show zoo patrons L.B.'s special salute.

If anyone is looking for me this weekend, I'll be at the zoo with Little Bit.

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