The Milwaukee Bucks decided that a “Kiss Cam” was not a good idea during the Covid pandemic. You know the Kiss-cam…multiple cameras scan the crowd during a timeout and, if you see yourself on the giant scoreboard screen, you’re supposed to lay a lip-lock on the person sitting next to you (hopefully it’s not your sister!). With attendance still way below capacity and mask and social distancing protocols still in place, the Bucks organization replace the “Kiss Cam” with the “Hand Sanitizer Cam”.

A giant squirt bottle of hand sanitizer would appear, splooshing it’s digital viscous, milky white contents onto the crowd. Fans were encouraged to “catch the fluid in their hands” and “rub it all over”. As you can see in this video, the “Hand Sanitizer Cam” was about then thousand times more horny than ANY Kiss Cam has EVER been.

“Coming clean” has never been more literal.

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I have a hard time believing that anyone in the Bucks organization thought this idea was completely innocent. “You mean, people are implying that our graphic of long ropes of sticky gunk squirting all over our fans is somehow SEXUAL?!?” is something I can’t imagine any Bucks exec saying with a straight face.

Whether they were in on the joke from the beginning or not, the Bucks have decided to discontinue the bukkake bottle cam. Somehow, encouraging cleanliness has never been so dirty. But, at least Bucks fans now know the team cares about their health and are glad they came. To the game, that is.


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