Almost a month ago an anonymous witness caught migrants exiting the sewer tunnel in Downtown El Paso. The video was handed over to "Reportes De Puentes" from the witness who wanted to remain anonymous. This escape occurred last month on Monday, April 30 in Downtown El Paso. You won't be seeing the ninja turtles coming out of the sewer tunnel if that's what you're thinking. What you will actually see are migrants exiting out of the sewer one by one. The sewer tunnel the migrants were sneaking out of is at the intersection of Paisano and Campell. According to a Border Patrol spokesman stated all 12 migrants were apprehended. If you're wondering where the Border Patrol agents were, they were busy with another group of people they detained.

As it is sometimes I need help finding my way around to places or need directions to unfamiliar places. What I want to know is how they managed to find their way into El Paso from Juarez by traveling through a sewer tunnel.

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