Unfortunately, we can't exactly cross the border on September 16 to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

I miss being able to cross the border for some really good Mexican food. In Juarez, there are a few favorite Mexican restaurants I enjoy dining at.

My very favorite place to enjoy eating Mexican food is at El Tragadero. That restaurant has a 4.5-star rating which I can definitely agree with. After all, El Tragadero is known as the best steakhouse in Juarez.

Some may not be fond of that place due to the decorations that cover the walls and ceiling too. Like they say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach is so true.

From their appetizers to the food and dessert leave your tummy and heart filled with happiness. We all have that one restaurant we think of and our mouth waters.

Well, that is exactly how I get when I think of El Tragadero in Juarez. Since Covid-19 is still around, I don't want to put my family and co-workers at risk and will not be eating there any time soon.

Some people say that Juarez has the best Mexican food but so do other places here in El Paso. So for those who would normally cross the border on Mexican Independence Day can't, can eat locally. There are plenty of delicious options for Mexican restaurants to dine at or order to-go in El Paso.

Below I listed some places that many of you enjoy visiting for some good Mexican food. But it comes down to just picking one particular place to eat. So let me know where you plan on eating for Mexican Independence Day in the poll below.

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