Cliff Burton rocks again on a recently reissued  "Trauma" cd!

Before Cliff Burton got the job holding down the low end for Metallica, he was in a band called Trauma.  They formed in the San Francisco bay area around 1980 and the very first song that Trauma ever recorded made it on to Metal Massacre II!  A compilation cd of various bay area bands released by Metal Blade records in 1982.  (A "must have" by the way for all true students of metal history!!)

Now, somewhere around 3 decades later, Traumas' debut release "Scratch And Scream", is available for the first time ever on cd.  ("Scratch And Scream" had long been considered an almost impossible release to find.  Sort of the Holy Grail of the new wave of bay area heavy metal bands!)  The CD features Cliff who left Trauma to join Metallica and was killed in a tour bus accident 4 years later.

Listen to Scratch And Scream below and then, check out a vid of the remaining Trauma members rocking live!