Meta could soon be in El Paso!

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According to various news sources, The City of El Paso, the County of El Paso and the Borderplex Alliance say they have taken major steps for Meta to develop a new hyperscale data center in northeast El Paso.

This will be an estimated $800 million investment, and while it's certainly not a done deal, Borderplex Alliance CEO Jon Barela says that Meta is seriously considering El Paso. Barela, who has experience with Meta while working in New Mexico, told El Paso Inc.:

This is a tremendous site for them, and in many respects transformational for our community.

El Paso Inc. also reports that on Monday, City Council approved the sale of 1,039 acres to Wurldwide LLC. City Council also approved a 380 economic development agreement with Wurldwide LLC, which includes an 80% property tax rebate.

Mayor Oscar Leeser said:

The City of El Paso is thrilled at the steps taken to establish Meta’s Hyperscale Data Center that will completely transform our community. This partnership not only signifies a significant milestone in our technological evolution but also reaffirms our dedication to becoming a hub for innovation, job creation, and economic prosperity. Our region
has the workforce, infrastructure, and business climate to support the needs of data center operators. We look forward to the City supporting the final stages of this project.

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Various news sources state that although the sale of over 1,000 acres has been approved, the sale has not closed yet but is expected to by April of 2024.

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